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We have a number of different classes on our timetable which are intentionally designed so (if you choose) you can train 5 days per week and each class will compliment each other.

These group classes use a variety of practices such as gymnastics, strength work, loaded stretching and handstands, all to help increase strength, mobility, and achieve the overall intention of pain-free movement.

Each group class can be scaled up or down according to the individual. There is no competition here and we encourage operating a very achievable levels rather than maxing out each time. This way we can be consistent with our practice rather than have to worry about keeping up with others or hurting ourselves.



       5:30AM, 4:30PM

Complete Lower Body with Patrick Keating


       5:30AM, 12PM

Strength Through Range with Jackson Lennan


       5:30AM, 4:30PM

Handstands & Mobility with Jackson Lennan


       5:30AM, 4:30PM

AM / Movement & Flow with Jackson Lennan
PM / Full Body Strength with Fiamma Frisone


       5:30AM, 12:00PM

AM / Handstands & Mobility with Leanne Gerich
PM / Handstands & Mobility with Huong Huynh



Pilates with Samuel Turner

Before you start.

At M4 we have a process before we let people join in on our group classes. You must complete 2 x 60min private sessions with one of our coaches (one off fee of $148). This is to ensure new members aren’t thrown in the deep end when starting. We want you to feel prepared and confident when kicking things off.
Our fundamental sessions cover; Everything you will need to know about M4, our methods and terminology, progressions and regressions for the current programming as well as other questions you may have (specific injuries etc)
To get started with us click the link below to book a chat, we look forward to having you part of the team!

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