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The Movement MasterCourse

The Movement MasterCourse

Expand your knowledge, learn technique and enter the Movement coaching world.

This 8-week intensive Movement Mastercourse includes:

  • Weekly 2hr in person sessions covering; programming, strength work, mobility training, handstands, locomotion/flow work, rehab work, injury prevention and all that is the Movement4 method.
  • 8 week program tailored to each of the individuals goals and time commitments
  • Unlimited video/text feedback on technique (You film and send me videos, etc.)
  • Intro to the 4 pillar framework (Sleep, nutrition, stress management, movement)
  • Access to all Movement4 group classes
  • Access to shadowing Jackson’s private coaching sessions (must be arranged beforehand)

* MINIMUM requirements per week: 1 x 120 min in person session and 3 x 90 mins personal practice sessions.

Application Conditions:

* Must have completed at least one phase of online coaching with Jackson before applying or be a current M4 member who has completed more than 1 full phase of programming.
Please only apply if you are coachable, have an open mind, are serious about learning and are willing to fully apply yourself.
Minimum requirements per week:
   1 x 2 hr coaching session per week
–   6 hours of personal practice time

* Small groups of 4-6 per intake
* Must be available from 10am-12pm Wednesdays during the MasterCourse.

    Move & feel better than ever before.