The Movement MasterCourse

The Movement MasterCourse

Expand your knowledge, learn technique and enter the Movement coaching world.

This 8-week intensive Movement Mastercourse includes:

  • Weekly 90min in person sessions covering; programming, strength work, mobility training, handstands, locomotion/flow work, rehab work, injury prevention and all that is the Movement4 method.
  • 8 week program tailored to each of the individuals goals and time commitments
  • Unlimited video/text feedback on technique (You film and send me videos, etc.)
  • Intro to the 4 pillar framework (Sleep, nutrition, stress management, movement)
  • Access to all Movement4 group classes
  • Access to shadowing Jackson’s private coaching sessions (must be arranged beforehand)

* MINIMUM requirements per week: 1 x 90 min in person session and 6 x 60 mins personal practice sessions.

Application Conditions:

* Must have completed at least one phase of online coaching with Jackson before applying.
Please only apply if you are coachable, have an open mind, are serious about learning and are willing to fully apply yourself.
Minimum requirements per week:
   1 x 90min coaching session per week
–   6 hours of personal practice time

* Small groups of 3-6 per intake
* Must be available from 12-2pm Wednesdays during the mastercourse

    Move & feel better than ever before.